Avhandling om vikingatiden i historiska romaner

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Avhandling om vikingatiden i historiska romaner

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Avhandling framlagd på franska om vikingatiden och kristnandet i svenska historiska romaner. Avhandlingen är skriven av Caroline Olsson som bor i Paris och som lade fram avhandlingen vid universitet i Sorbonne.


Abstrakt på engelska:
The Viking Age and the period of Christianization in the Swedish historical novel

The birth of the historical novel in Sweden, traditionally dated from 1828, coincides with a national-romantic movement exalting the figure of the ancient Scandinavian. But in this first half of the nineteenth century, the historical novel is still in want of recognition and authors wishing to recount the Nordic Early Middle Ages seem to favour more prestigious literary forms, such as poetry or theatre. In the beginning of the twentieth century, works depicting the Viking Age become more numerous. A thematic study of these novels reveals that many writers are fascinated by typical figures seen to embody this period : the figure of the ancestor and its different forms (the civilizing hero, the pioneer, the patriarch) and the one of the adventurer, the most illustrative personification of which is the Viking navigator. Yearning for historical realism and for emancipation from a tradition of unlimited glorification, their characters will undergo a significant de-idealization during the twentieth century. Other novelists take an interest in the Viking Age because it is a period rife with religious and political changes in the History of Scandinavian nations. These authors attempt to depict the process of Christianization and the ensuing religious conflict between pagans and converts. To a lesser extent, they also deal with the social and political transformations. Generally speaking, the representations of the Nordic Early Middle Ages and their inhabitants disclose the Swedish novelists’ views and stances. These authors hence reveal their vision of the past and do not shy away from reinterpreting history.
http://www.paris-sorbonne.fr/article/mm ... epoque-des