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Re: DNA från Peru i Nya Zealand

Postat: 31 juli 2018, 13:54
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Efter Columbus, men ändå skägg hos stammar i Peru, enligt krönikör 1553:

“They (Chankas) had long hair and twisted cord wools which come to fall below the beard” (Cieza de León, 1553)."

Re: DNA från Peru i Nya Zealand

Postat: 31 juli 2018, 16:52
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Man kan invända att Chankas bar lösskägg, med det verkar långsökt. Kan det finnas ngn koppling till tidigare resonemang ang kopparhandel?

"The Chanka people (or Chanca) were a Late Intermediate (ca. 1400 CE.) ethnic group in Peru.Enemies of the Incas, they were centered primarily in Andahuaylas, located in the modern-day region of Apurímac."

Staden Andahuaylas har ett fantasieggande namn, men vad betyder det?:

"Andahuaylas (Quechua Antawaylla, anta copper, waylla meadow, "copper meadow") is a Peruvian city." ... oject.html

"The Sombrero property is hosted in the Andahuaylas – Yauri belt and is interpreted to be on the north-western margins of the Eocene-Oligocene aged copper porphyry and skarn belt that hosts the Las Bambas, Haquira, Los Chancas, Cotabambas, Constancia, Antapaccay, and Tintaya deposits (Figure 1). The principle targets at Sombrero are copper-gold skarn and porphyry systems and precious metal epithermal deposits."

Man kan invända att det är först i nutid som koppar och ädlare metaller utvanns i Andahuaylas, men det förfaller som Chankas inte var helt oävna på området vid den tid det begav sig:

"Furthermore, during the Inca expansion towards the Altiplano region, some Chankas were probably taken as mitmaqs to the mines of Potosi (Bolivia)"

Man undrar vad mitmaqs kan vara?:

"During the Inca Empire (Tawantinsuyu) and the Hispanic colonial period in Peru, political leaders used Mitma (forced resettlement) and Reducciones (mission reductions) to govern the diverse peoples of the region. Through these actions, people of different ethnicities or regions were mixed together in a locality (mitmaqs, yanakunas, curacazgos or Inca lord governors, and Spanish mission towns"

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Postat: 18 augusti 2018, 19:37
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Lite mer om Cherokee-DNA: ... 31180.html

"The idea that Native Americans are descended from ancient Jews, Egyptians, or Greeks has been a controversial one for hundreds of years. Here's a look at accounts from the 18th century through to today that suggest this may be the case."

“So where do our non-European, non-Indian-appearing elements come from?” he asked. “The level of haplogroup T in the Cherokee (26.9 percent) approximates the percentage for Egypt (25 percent), one of the only lands where T attains a major position among the various mitochondrial lineages.” ... erica.html

"Sounds unbelievable, but may be true. Numerous findings seem to concede that the Minoans were keen navigators who crossed the Atlantic. They created colonies even in Canada and exploited local copper mines. All this before Columbus!"

Om man därmed skall skriva om historieböckerna uttrycks viss försiktighet:

"However, the APC is an Advisory Council, which does not form the research department policy and therefore can not take this decision. Besides the ministry, of course, there are the archaeological departments of the University. But in order to do such a thing, we must find both the necessary resources and will by our archaeologists ", added meaningful."

Re: DNA från Peru i Nya Zealand

Postat: 10 juli 2019, 13:11
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Re: DNA från Peru i Nya Zealand

Postat: 5 december 2019, 12:20
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Mer info om DNA i Paracas Peru: